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The Law Office of Rodney W. Wickers Has Been Handling Probate Conservatorship Matters for Over 20 Years in Los Angeles County Courts.  

Our attorneys at the Law Office of Rodney W. Wickers, as part of their Estate practice area, have represented both professional and lay Conservators.  Attorney Rodney W. Wickers, served as Court Appointed Counsel for Probate Volunteer Panel in Los Angeles County for over ten (10) years, representing proposed Conservatees and Conservattees, thereby assisting the Court in determining what the Conservatee’s desires were and the best plan of action for the Conservatees overall health and welfare.  Attorney Rodney W. Wickers daughter, also a lawyer and partner at the law firm, Christina M. Wickers has followed in his foot steps also serving as Court Appointed Counsel in the Los Angeles Superior Court since 2018.  The wealth of experience of this law firm can assist clients in determining the best plan of action for the Conservatee.  We can also help our clients with accounting and reporting to the Court, which is required of all Conservators about every three (3) years. 

Here is a few Client Reviews of Our Attorneys Work on a Conservatorship Cases:


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Our Attorney’s Can Help Clients With Legal Information and Guidance Throughout the Conservatorship Process.  Below are Some Frequently Asked Questions Our Attorney’s Get About Probate Conservatorships.

When to Petition the Court for a Conservatorship

When a person is lacking the mental capacity to be able to give consent for medical treatment, enter into contracts et cetera, under the proper circumstances, this office can help the client obtain a Conservatorship for that person. A Conservatorship will help to manage the health, welfare and financial needs of the impaired person.

We work with family members, conservators and lawyers to provide assistance to the person in need by filing the necessary Petitions with the court, obtaining bonding for the Conservator through the bond company, providing status to the court on the care and welfare of the person in need and reporting to the court a detailed accounting.

How Can I Become a Conservator?

There are only one way to become a Conservator, through the Courts.  It is a legal, fiduciary position created by the Court, bestowing upon that person certain duties and responsibilities which are enumerated within the Probate Code.

What Does a Conservator Do?

The tasks of a Conservator depend upon whether the Conservator is appointed for the physical person or just the estate or both the person and estate. A conservator of the person will assist the disabled person by helping them with medical decisions and managing their daily activities.  A conservator of the estate help to manage the financial affairs of the disabled person.  Some examples include opening a bank account and paying bills.

How Will I Know What to Do as a Conservator?

As a Conservator you should have the advice and counsel of an attorney at all times. You also have a Conservatorship Handbook and numerous other opportunities to understand your responsibilities. You should always consult with your attorney on decisions and maintain a close working relationship so that any changes in the Conservatorship you deem necessary can be properly authorized by the Court.

What is an Account for a Conservatorship?

On a periodic basis, the Conservator is required to provide an accounting of all of the income and expenditures made on behalf of the Conservatee during that period. It is usually approximately every three years but can vary depending on the court.

How Much Will it Cost to Set Up a Conservatorship?

Conservatorships can be very straightforward and simple matters but they can also be quite complex and difficult depending upon the circumstances. The participation and cooperation of family members is vital to the proper establishment of a Conservatorship. Where family members are not cooperative, or there is considerable dispute or disagreement about the appropriateness of a Conservatorship or its functioning the costs can become much higher. Given different circumstances that might arise, the cost can be estimated but there is no standard cost associated with establishing a Conservatorship. The initial filing fees for a Conservatorship Petition are a little under $500 for either the Los Angeles or Orange County Courts, but a fee waiver can be obtained, under certain circumstances. 

Can I Move the Conservatee to a Different Residence?

The Court authorizes a Conservator to determine the Conservatee’s residence but it places certain responsibilities on you to provide a notice of those changes. There are also some limitations on moving the Conservatee out of state and other limitations on the sale of the principal residence. All of these actions require court authorization and should be something to be discussed with your attorney.

Who Can Be the Conservator?

California law has a priority list of Conservators that allows the Court to appoint, starting with the closest family best interest of the Conservatee at all times. The Court’s overriding consideration is what is in the best interest of the Conservatee.  If there is a request to be a Conservator of the Estate, frequently the Proposed Conservator will need to be bonded.  

Can the Conservator Get Paid for Services?

The Conservator can be authorized by the Court to be paid just and reasonable fees for the services provided to the Conservatee. The Court must approve such payments. The Conservator is not authorized to make any payments for conservator services without a court order.

Can there Be More than One Conservator?

Appointment of Co-Conservators is feasible but typically, it crates additional expenses on the Conservatorship Estate. It can also create more difficult management of the Conservatorship. It is not a relationship that one should go into lightly.