The areas of practice include dissolution / divorce / separation matters, marital settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, and any other marital agreement. Whenever possible we seek to resolve the matters by agreement of the parties by Settlement/Marital Agreements. Specific property, visitation and support issues may be separately litigated, but only when necessary.

When a marital relationship becomes impossible to recover or repair, California law gives individuals the right to obtain a dissolution of that relationship. The dissolution proceedings can be extremely complex, involving not only relationships between the couple but also among the children and the property accumulated during the marriage. It can be further complicated by extraordinary long-term issues related to Retirement and Pension accounts as well as potential Probate or inheritance issues.

The Dissolution process can be handled in the context of a Mediation and resolved efficiently and by Agreement of the parties. However, it is almost always advisable to obtain the advice of a lawyer in a Dissolution proceeding.