This office provides Mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution services for Business, Corporate & Partnership Law, Probate & Estates, Conservatorship, Real Estate, Family and Employment matters. Whenever possible the mutually agreeable Settlement is used to avoid expensive litigation and lawsuits.

The purpose of Arbitration and Mediation is intended to simplify the resolution of legal disputes and make that process less expensive and more efficient. It is always intended to be more personal and give the parties more flexibility in their remedies.

Mediations and Arbitrations are usually a confidential environment that is not easy for a court to maintain. In fact, the documents on file with the Court can be available to the public, where Arbitration and Mediation proceedings are Confidential and only the parties have the right to disclose the information about the transaction unless otherwise agreed by the parties. It is always imperative, as a result of Arbitration and Mediation, to execute a Settlement Agreement that will be enforceable in Court. Anything short of that can mean the Arbitration or Mediation was unsuccessful.