On occasion, disputes arise regarding legal issues during the administration of a probate estate and during the administration of a trust. Those issues that arise sometimes result in additional litigation in the probate matter and trust litigation in the trust administration. The resolution of those disputes and issues can be achieved through direct mediation, alternative dispute resolution and less frequently in lawsuits and additional civil litigation.

This office has handled countless estate cases. That time valued experience drives us, when handling estate cases, toward creating settlement agreements that are consistent with the interests of the beneficiaries, the estate, and certainly in the interests of the trustor and the decedent. We also work closely with trustees to assist them with whatever legal issues may arise.

We understand that family priorities involved in probate and trust litigation usually take precedence and can sometimes make litigation frustrating for family members. We seek to reach an agreement without litigation first, but litigation when necessary can be very helpful to achieve our client’s goals.