Estates, Probate and Trust Planning in Los Angeles and Orange County

We are Torrance Estate and Trust Attorneys who cover the areas of Los Angeles and Orange County.  Our firm, Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP, is comprised of Attorneys Rodney W. Wickers, Christina M. Wickers and Alexandra L. Admans who assist clients with estate and trust planning, administration and closure.  We currently attend hearings and represent clients in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  The Law Office of Rodney W. Wickers helps with not only estate planning, but working in probate to obtain orders to distribute trusts and estates to heirs/beneficiaries and close out the estate/trust or continue administration of a trust.  We handle all types of cases filed in the probate courts including assisting people with Petitions for  Conservatorship & Petitions for Guardianship.  We represent advocate for clients from the point of inception of the case which includes filing the Petition for Conservatorship or Guardianship, to obtaining Letters of Conservatorship, Letters of Guardianship and other Orders from the Court as needed, depending on the requirements of the client’s case and individual needs.

Our Torrance Lawyers Obtain Special Instructions and Emergency Orders from the Court in Trust, Guardianship, Conservatorship and and Probate Estate Matters

In some circumstances it is necessary to obtain special instructions (Prob. Code 17200) or emergency orders from the Court.  There are many different scenarios that may occur that would make this type of hearing an appropriate step.  On behalf of our clients, the attorney’s petition the Court for special instructions, when appropriate.  At times we assist people with urgent matters, which the Law Office of Rodney W. Wickers, will prepare the paperwork and attend what is called an ex parte hearing to obtain emergency orders from the Court.  Because the Lawyers in our office work in Torrance, the Estate and Trust Planning practice prepares for and attends hearings for special instructions or emergency orders from both Los Angeles Superior Courts and Orange County Superior Courts.

Protect Yourself With an Estate Plan So that Your Intentions are Preserved

It is always best to plan ahead by creating a wills or trust to insure that the intentions of the drafter, sometimes called a “Testator” or “Settlor”, are preserved, made clear and followed. Importantly, the Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive can insure you have the representation you need at a time when you are unable to speak for yourself.  In a Durable Power of Attorney you can appoint someone to act on your behalf, if you lack capacity, or if some other condition is met, so that they can manage your finances and property.  Additionally, the Health Care Directive is a great tool to allow doctors and relatives know about your end of life choices and desires, which must be followed, absent a court order.  Having a will, trust, power of attorney and health care directive will empower your family and friends to follow your directions and provide for the ones you love in difficult times.

When a Probate Estate or Trust Includes an Active Busines

Sometimes Trust res or Probate Estate property includes a business which must continue or needs to be sold.  Our business practice area enables us to empower clients solve the needs of the business in light of the probate or trust.  Most clients wind up hiring two attorney’s to accomplish these types of goals.  Our Attorneys can handle all of these anticipated needs of the business as part of the Estate and Trust Planning phase and also through the implementation of the estate plan at the appropriate time.

We Handle Difficult Estate and Trust Cases Including Elder Abuse Litigation

The Law Office of Rodney W. Wickers also assists in Los Angeles and Orange County in the administration of trusts.  In more difficult situations that involve Estates and Trusts, we handle all types of litigation in probate, trust and estates, including elder abuse, lack of capacity and, undue influence.

Client Review:

Kathrin recommended Torrance Probate Attorney Christina M. Wickers, "She is a very intelligent person who is also a great communicator - a rare combination. She really looks out for my best interest. I have used the services of many attorneys and she is the only attorney I have ever completely trusted. I give her my highest recommendation!"
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