Our Family Law Attorneys in the South Bay Can Help Clients Navigate and Resolve the Issues that Arise in a Divorce Including Child Custody, Child Visitation, Spousal Support, Child Support, Division of Community, Quasi-Community Property and Separate Property.

The attorney’s at this firm, Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP have areas of practice that include all types of family law matters including divorce, child custody, parentage, child support, spousal support, marital separation, marital dissolution, marital settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, and any other family related agreements. Whenever possible, we seek to resolve the matters by agreement of the parties but are always our client’s zealous advocates.  The attorney’s at this firm assist clients in contentious divorce issues that include dividing marital property, obtaining orders related child legal and physical custody, visitation schedules,  and spousal and child support.  Our attorney’s are not shy about litigating with opposing party’s and going to trial to reach closure and resolution for our clients.  We are a no-nonsense team that tell our clients the straight truth so that they can anticipate.  Our family law section in Torrance handles an array of issues including separation, child custody, visitation, alimony, spousal support, division of community and personal property as well as guardianships.

Our Divorce Attorneys, Located in Torrance, CA Assist Clients Who Have a Ongoing Businesses Acquired Before or During the Marriage

Our law practice also includes the business law practice area, which assists our family law clients in making decisions about dividing community businesses and advising clients on whether the Court would likely conclude that the business was community or separate property.

The attorney’s at this firm guide their clients in situations that arise when a marital relationship becomes impossible to recover or repair.  California law gives individuals the right to obtain a dissolution or obtain a separation from that relationship. The dissolution proceedings can be extremely complex, involving not only relationships between the couple but also among the children and the property accumulated during the marriage. It can be further complicated by extraordinary long-term issues related to Retirement and Pension accounts as well as potential Probate or inheritance issues.  The attorney’s at this firm help their clients navigate the issues that arise in legal separation and divorce.

The Dissolution process can be handled in the context of a Mediation and resolved efficiently and by Agreement of the parties. However, it is almost always advisable to obtain the advice of a lawyer in a Dissolution proceeding.

Our Attorney’s Help Clients Obtain Child Support Awards

The Court has authority to award child support to either spouse, depending on the circumstances.  Two of the factors the Courts take into consideration when deciding a child support amount are, approximate percentage of time the parents have with the minor(s) and which parent is the higher level of income.  The court uses a DissoMaster to calculate the amount of support and an Income and Expense Declaration is filed in order to assist the Court to create those calculations correctly.  At our office, we are able to calculate those numbers on the DissoMaster and file them in anticipation of a hearing for the Court to review before the hearing to assist the Court with the child support award calculation.  To get a quick idea of your potential child support you can go to https://childsupport.ca.gov/guideline-calculator/.  Please note that until you have the entire picture of the other party’s financial circumstances you will not be able to get a good estimate.

Our Attorney’s Help Clients Obtain Child Custody and Visitation Orders

Many times the parents of the minor children can reach agreement about when each parent has time with the minor(s) and which parent is responsible for transpiration for the minor.  When issues arise, sometimes it is necessary to file for an emergency order related to child custody and visitation.  Other times, a Request for Order can be filed, before final Judgment is entered to obtain pendente lite orders pending trial.  Post judgment, a Request for Order is also the filing necessary to get the parents custody concerns before the Court and obtain orders after an evidentiary hearing.

Our Law Firm Helps Clients Obtain Spousal Support Determinations

The attorney’s handle spousal support matters, as part of the family law case.  In Court, the attorney’s provide the Judge with filings and oral argument, discussing some of the same factors that apply with spousal support as do the child support discussed above.  The spousal support request for order must be filed with an Income and Expense Declaration.  The attorney’s will let their client know what information is necessary and helpful for an optimal outcome in the client’s case.  With respect to spousal support, the Judge will take into account many factors, including the parties established standard of living during the marriage.

Our Torrance Legal Team Helps With Timing of Initial Support Orders

Initial Support Orders can be made in dissolution of marriage, legal separation or child custody cases.  These support order requests in the family law courts should be made as early as possible and can sometimes be obtained on an emergency basis, with shortened notice in certain circumstances, or by request for order.  The Court rarely issues ex parte orders for child support so an expedited support application can also be alternatively sought.  Family Code 3623 and 3620-3634.

The Attorney’s Assist Clients With Restraining Orders

In marital disputes, there are times when it is appropriate to obtain restraining orders, to protect people, and animals from abusive behavior.   The attorney’s in this office can obtain orders from the Court to restrain a person from conduct, stay away from work place/residence, protect a pet, exclude a person from the residence, obtain control of property and restrain behavior.  Usually these orders require all guns to be turned over to the local Police Department as well.