We Are Attorney’s In The South Bay Providing Legal Representation to Clients With Contract Disputes

Our law firm, Wickers, Wickers & Admans, LLP routinely provides advice and litigation support to clients who, for one reason or another, find themselves in the middle of a dispute related a contract or agreement.

We initially will review the contract, discuss with you the issues that you may have surrounding that contract.  For example, how the contract was performed and whether the performance was excused or substantially completed.  Depending on the circumstances, we take further steps to obtain the best possible results.

We may take steps to achieve a full performance of the contract, get the client excused from performance of the contract, determine damages as a result of breach of the contract, among many other options.

We work towards settling contract disputes before litigation is required.  But, where filing a complaint or answering a complaint is necessary we are prepared to represent the client in all aspects of that contract litigation including trial and appeals.