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Thank you for visiting the website for Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP.  Rodney W. Wickers started his private practice in Torrance, California over thirty years ago.  Wickers, Wickers & Admans, LLP represent clients in the South Bay and also appear on behalf of clients in either Los Angeles County Court or Orange County Court.   We are a Father-Daughter team with three attorneys, Rodney W. Wickers, Christina M. Wickers and Alexandra L. Admans,  who are dedicated to our clients with an eye for solving even the most complicated legal issues efficiently and carefully.  We have the experience to know the different approaches required for different legal issues that may arise.  We understand how difficult it may be to try and tackle them on your own.

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As Probate Estate attorney’s in Torrance we represent Administrators, Executors, Personal Representatives and Objectors with a careful eye towards resolution and client satisfaction.  Our legal team also handles Conservatorship matters to protect the Conservatee and enable the Conservator to care for the Conservatee both financially and personally.  Additionally, we prosecute those who abuse elders, including financial elder abuse, undue influence, lack of capacity, to name a few.  We also prepare Wills and Trusts, assist Trustee’s in trust administration and represent clients in trust litigation.

The attorneys at the Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP, also enjoy working with businesses to establish the business, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, making those agreements that will protect the owners in the business, depending on what those needs are.  Our lawyers also handle business litigation for those clients who need to protect their rights, whether it be on the plaintiff or defendant side.

Our family law section in Torrance handles an array of issues including separation, child custody, visitation, alimony, spousal support, division of community and personal property as well as guardianships.

Our attorneys are also trial lawyers and take pride in their appellate level work within the California Courts of Appeal.  We always strive to obtain settlements to disputes before cases move to litigation through mediation.  We also help you plan ahead, through contractswills and trusts, and business plans, to help you avoid business litigation in the future.  Our general work ethic is to try to anticipate what issues may arise and work to insure a smooth transition.  Our discrete variety of practice areas enables us to understand our client’s options and better assist them with small to complex legal needs.

Our legal practice areas include:

As Attorneys in Torrance, CA we look forward to assisting you in your EstateProbateFamilyBusiness needs in Los Angeles County and Orange County Courts!

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Thank you to all of our clients for allowing our Attorneys to assist you in the Los Angeles Superior Courts and Orange County Superior Courts in Estate, Probate, Family and Business Law.  Our Torrance CA location makes it easy for us to navigate through the local courts.  Our law firm communicates with clients at our location, in person, by teleconference, video conference and other electronic means depending on the clients preferences and time constraints.  We conduct a free telephone conference consultation which may be followed by an in person meeting so the parties can decide whether it will be a good attorney-client fit.  If it is determined that Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP, will represent you, we will provide a written agreement for signature by both potential client and the Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP.  A fully executed written agreement is required for representation.


Wickers, Wickers & Admans LLP continues to be available by telephone, electronic mail and video conference for current and potential clients during normal business hours.  If you are a potential new client, and would like to schedule a meeting via telephone, video conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 540-2520 or at info@wickerslaw.com to set up a virtual meeting.

We intend to continue to provide efficient and professional legal services to our clients and look forward to this health crisis coming to an end.